Mountain Khakis Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

  • December 14, 2017
  • Lifestyle

Mountain Khakis may be relatively new to Larimer Square, but their presence and following is nothing short of impressive. The company prides themselves on being the ideal attire for hanging around mountain towns and celebrating the mountain inspired lifestyle.

As a brand that once started in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Mountain Khakis has grown into a prominent staple in the wardrobes of many Denverites. This holiday season, we’ve pulled together the ultimate gift guide for all of the outdoorsy loved ones in your life. From the freshman college student to the overworked cubicle jockey that dreams about places like The Grand Tetons… this gift guide will help you find something for everyone on your shopping list.

#1: Any Flannel Shirt

mountain khaki
The Men’s Teton Flannel in Coffee color-$84.95 and the Men’s Swagger Vest in Coffee color-$149.95

Price: $29.99-$109.95

Who to get it for: This is the perfect gift for any of the men in your life. Need a gift for your boyfriend, dad, or brother? Any of these flannel shirts will do the trick.

Why it’s the perfect holiday gift: No matter who is wearing this flannel, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re the Night-Owl, the Lumberjack or the Mountain Man. There are so many variations of the flannel that everyone ends up with a unique gift that fits their style perfectly.

#2: Cowboy YoYo

mountain khaki
The Cowboy Yoyo

Price: $29.95

Who to get it for: This is great for your co-workers, your kids or anyone who loves playing with toys.

Why it’s the perfect holiday gift: If you need an extra stocking stuffer, or something to fidget with on your desk at work, this yoyo is a great office game that you won’t be able to put down until you can show off your new lasso skills.

#3: Women’s Pop Top Tunic


mountain khaki
The Women’s Pop Top Tunic in Linen color-$89.95

Price: $89.95

Who to get it for: Still looking for a gift for Mom? Look no further. This will be right up her alley.

Why it’s the perfect holiday gift: This elegant yet playful sweater is cozy and flattering. If you’re going to be spending time in the mountains this holiday season, this is a no brainer to bring with you. It’s great for chilly nights on the town and also for weekend camping trips come spring.

#4: Lem’s Boots for Men/Women

mountain khaki
Boulder Boot by Lem’s in Navy Stout color-$114.95

Price: $114.95

Who to get it for: These boots are stylish but also incredibly durable and warm. They’re great for anyone who is walking around the city or heading to the mountains for a ski weekend.

Why it’s the perfect holiday gift: All Coloradoans can agree that it’s important to have boots that are comfortable and sturdy for the winter season. Lem’s offers a folding ultra-light, packable boot for urban brewery jaunts or local day hikes in the Front Range. These boots make the perfect gift no matter where you’re headed.

#5: Pants

mountain khaki
The slim fit Men’s Original Mountain Pant– $84.95

Price: $69.95-$109.95

Who to get it for: The men in your life who are picky about their pants.

Why it’s the perfect holiday gift: The men’s pants guide at Mountain Khakis is detailed and useful to help you find that perfect pair for your favorite person. There is something for everyone in all sizes and you won’t find a better selection anywhere else. Whether you want a relaxed fit, classic fit, slim fit or slim tailored fit, you will have numerous options to choose from.

Upcoming Events:

Over the 24 days of Christmas in December, Mountain Khakis is offering a special promotion. Visit the website to see what special discounts are being offered for that day. Additionally, Mountain Khakis has a swag tree in the store where you can come in and grab a stocking stuffer for free. On Saturdays and Sundays throughout the month, there is hot mulled spiced cider with free cookies. Not to mention the “Wear it Out” discount. If you like a product so much in the dressing room, Mountain Khakis wants you to wear it out of the store and they’ll even give you a discount too! Don’t miss out on all the fun. Stop in and celebrate the holidays with Mountain Khakis.


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