Everything You Can Expect from Larimer Square’s Smartwool Pop-Up Shop

  • November 15, 2017
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Smartwool is no stranger to Colorado. The Steamboat Springs based company has been creating products for those who live and play in the mountains for 24 years; and now for a limited time, they’re coming to Larimer Square to open a three-month pop-up store.

The History of Smartwool

Smartwool products
Smartwool products can be used for numerous outdoor activities. However, they are highly regarded in the ski and snowboard community for their warmth and durability.

Smartwool first got started when two ski instructors had cold toes on the ski slopes and envisioned that there had to be a more comfortable solution. After a few years of exploration, the brand found that Merino wool was the answer they’d been looking for. The Smartwool sock was created to be the ultimate comfort solution offering warmth, breathability, moisture management and an unparalleled fit. From that point on, adventurers all over the world would look to Smartwool to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Behind the Brand

While the Smartwool brand prides itself on their international successes, they are loyal to their Colorado roots. First and foremost, they recognize themselves as a mountain performance brand. Therefore, it only makes sense that this Colorado native brand would be making its way to Denver’s original and historic block, Larimer Square. The active and purposeful brand offers thousands of products that are all based in premium Merino fiber. They make everything from ski and snowboard socks to sport underwear. They make base layers and full lines of casual every day clothes. In addition, they make a full line of Merino accessories that include hats, gloves, neck gators and scarves.


Smartwool on Larimer Square

Visitors who come to the Larimer Square Smartwool store are in for a treat. They can expect a curated collection of Smartwool products that are especially chosen just for Denver. The creative spirited store will offer ongoing promotions throughout the holiday season. Since Smartwool likes to think of themselves as a fun and bright brand, they’re also bringing the festive spirit to the block. They understand that holiday shopping can be incredibly stressful. Therefore, they try to make it as enjoyable as possible for their shoppers.

Smartwool products
Smartwool offers a multitude of breathable and comfortable products.

For Smartwool, opening on Larimer Square is an exciting step. Especially since Colorado has been the brand’s home testing ground and innovation laboratory for nearly 25 years. Smartwool’s Director of Global Communications, Molly Cuffe said that it felt like the natural step to open the first experiential shop in Denver. Cuffe continues, “Not only is it one of our largest markets, but since we are Coloradans, we’ve filled the store with products we know local shoppers will love”.

Upcoming Events

Starting November 15th, 2017 until February 28th, 2018, Smartwool will be offering their creative and purposeful products for Denverite’s near and far. The store will also be hosting several events during their three-month stay including complimentary coffee from Coda Coffee Company throughout Black Friday weekend.

Make sure to check out Smartwool’s exclusive new store on Larimer Square at 1425 Larimer St. Denver, CO, 80202. Their hours are Monday-Friday 10am-7pm; Saturday 10am-6pm; Sunday Noon-5pm. For more information about Smartwool’s incredible brand, visit their website.

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