How to Win Big During the #LarimerLove Campaign

  • February 7, 2018
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What is #LarimerLove? Odds are you have seen it around the Larimer Square block or on social media. #LarimerLove was created this year as a special campaign to help spread some love to the Larimer Square block in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Every few days, for the first two weeks of February, we’re hiding miniature mailboxes around the block. Each mailbox is tied to a Larimer Square giveaway package with hundreds of dollars’ worth of gift cards, merchandise and services. While we don’t tell you when we’re going to hide the next prize or where it’s located, our social media pages have little clues that are posted the day before with information. That’s why the social media aspect is crucial for people following along.

#LarimerLove mailbox
The hiding spot for the first #LarimerLove mailbox.

Checking out our Facebook and Instagram pages regularly is a sure way to make sure you are aware of any updates to the #LarimerLove clues and giveaways. The first person to find the hidden mailbox on a giveaway day wins the Larimer Square package!

Why Do It?

What’s the point of this campaign? To spread some love! We know that Valentine’s Day can bring up all sorts of emotions. That’s one of the reasons why we created the campaign. Whether you love or hate the holiday, we wanted everyone to have an equal opportunity to feel the love this season.

#LarimerLove has four different giveaways: two date night packages, a self-love package, and a pal-entine package. The four packages are valued anywhere between $325 and $600 dollars. We want everyone to feel the love regardless of their relationship status. After all, love is love and everyone deserves to feel it.

#LarimerLove giveaway 1
The first Date Night package giveaway. This package was valued at $465.

What Can People Expect as Valentine’s Day Nears?

With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, participants of the #LarimerLove campaign can expect two more giveaways and a special surprise on Valentine’s Day. Since there can only be four winners, we wanted to do something to honor those who choose to spend Valentine’s Day on our block. Make sure you’re keeping an eye out for something special on the 14th!

How Long Will It Continue?

While the campaign will only continue until the 14th, the #LarimerLove will keep flowing all year long. Be on the lookout for other promotions throughout the spring and other events that are occurring on the block. For more information about what’s happening on Larimer Square this February, check out this link.

#LarimerLove photo
Visitors to Larimer Square are feeling the love this Valentine’s Day.

How to Follow Along with the Campaign and Up Your Chances of Winning

To follow along with the #LarimerLove campaign, make sure you’re following @LarimerSquare on Instagram and that you’ve Liked the Larimer Square Facebook page. We’ll be posting all of our updates and clues on those two platforms. To up your chances of winning, check out our Instagram and Facebook stories… we always post clues the night before we’re going to do a giveaway.

#LarimerLove story
A previous Larimer Square Instagram story giving followers a heads-up the day before a giveaway.

Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re lucky to have each and everyone of you and we hope you’ve felt the #LarimerLove this February!


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