Hemp-Based CBD Bakery Provides Relief for Pets

  • October 7, 2015
  • Lifestyle

CBD For Pets! RxCBD, A Famous Hemp-Based CBD Bakery, Provides Legal, Natural Relief, For Four-Legged Family Members

Benny’s Healthy Hemp Dog Treats are a natural solution to a slew of health issues and improve overall wellness of dogs. And no, it doesn’t get them high.

 DENVER, CO (OCTOBER 5, 2015): Benny’s Healthy Hemp TM Sweet Nibbles TM CBD Dog Treats are made to support your dogs health and happiness with a natural, effective solution. These handcrafted treats are made with premium ingredients including naturally occurring, full-spectrum hemp oil to target a multitude of problems that plague furry family members. It can also be used as a regimented treat to maintain good, overall health like a daily vitamin for your pup! In addition to launching the product to the Denver area, it should be honorably noted that Benny’s Healthy Hemp has been analyzed and approved by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

 RxCBD understands how potent the health effects of CBD, or cannabidiol, is and the many, fundamental benefits it offers.  The product comes highly recommended by hundreds of the nation’s top veterinarian doctors who have found that cannabidiol can significantly improve pet lives in ways that no other supplement can. The treatment statements are formulated from science-based evidence and a team of professionals that have experience in animal care and nutrition, microbiology, herbal, and holistic health. The highly credentialed team behind the creation of Benny’s Healthy Hemp used a holistic approach with roots in both science and nature. Holistic medicine recognizes the totality of the individual and nurtures the interconnectedness of mind, body, emotion, spirit and environment. Good health is a conclusive balance of physical and emotional care and RxCBD is honored to bring a natural product to the market that can provide outstanding health to our beloved pets as both treatment aides and preventative care.

Thanks to the remarkable health benefits of cannabidiol, partaking in this natural regimen of Benny’s Healthy Hemp can aid dogs in so many ailments that hinder our pets every day without getting them ‘high.’

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In addition to the healthy hemp-based CBD, Benny’s treats are an overall nutritious, natural treat you can give your furry family members and feel good about! They are packed with antioxidants, protein, fiber, Omega-3’s, natural flea control, rich in vitamins and have a very low allergen index. Lastly, the product has no wheat, corn, soy, gluten or artificial ingredients. It’s the perfect daily treat for well-balanced health and preventative care or a healthy treatment option for those that need to improve a health condition!

Suggested use of Benny’s Healthy Hemp: thunderstorms, noisy events, separation anxiety, traveling, car rides, introduction to a new home, grooming, daycare, pet sitting, and when he’s “a good boy!!”

Benny’s treats are easily administered and with a pup-approved chicken noodle soup flavor, your dogs are sure to love it! There are no side effects, does not get your pup ‘high’, it’s a natural product, packed with nutrients, and effective at improving the health of your pet.  It is legal in any state and conveniently available to purchase online. Follow us on Facebook and check out our website for more information!

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