Well, aren’t you a good person? An amazing gift-giver in tune with keeping your friend looking good and devouring the best offers in the city? You knew exactly what your friend wanted – you are as smart as you are stylish. A Larimer Square gift certificate – what a magnificent choice!

Larimer Square gift certificates are available for purchase through our secure online server and can be redeemed at all of the hip stores and acclaimed restaurants of Larimer Square. And there are never any hidden fees or percentages on our gift certificates (do we really look THAT corporate and contrived to you?).

NOTE: Gift certificates are mailed via USPS – they are not emailed. If you are purchasing more than one gift certificate, you will be able to change the number of certificates in the cart

Gift Shop Privacy Policy: The following information will only be used to ship the merchandise to the address given and for billing and reference specific to your gift. Larimer Square Management will not sell or distribute your information in any way.