Eight of the Best Summer Sips on the Square

  • July 25, 2018
  • Dining

Looking to beat the heat? Nothing cools you down like a cold, refreshing cocktail on Larimer Square. Each of these “summer sips” is available now at Denver top’s restaurants.


Rioja’s From Tequila, With Love


What’s more refreshing than lemons and limes? Toast this delicious tequila beverage made with house-made ginger limeade and lemongrass simple syrup.


TAG’s Mojito

A perfect mix of sweet, sour and exotic, this signature mojito is a refreshing summer sipper.


Bistro Vendome’s Negrini

Craving a negroni and a martini? Why should you ‘half’ to choose? Sip this half-negroni, half-martini with gin, vermouth, and Contratto bitters and enjoy the best of both worlds.


Tamayo’s Prickly Pear Margarita

Sweet and Tart. A bold and colorful drink mixing prickly pear cactus infused tequila with a squeeze of fresh citrus juice and Grand Marnier. A playful take on an old classic.


Capitol Grille’s Stoli Doli

Fun to say AND fun to sip? Yes, please. Stoli vodka and infused fresh pineapple served straight up create this signature cocktail served in a cold, chilled martini glass.


Ocean Prime’s Signature Cucumber Gimlet

When in doubt, go with this signature showstopper. Made with from Bombay Sapphire Gin, muddled fresh cucumber, and hand-squeezed lime, this cold and refreshing cocktail helps to beat the summer heat.


Cru Wine Bar’s Rosé Wine Flight

Nothing says summer like a cool glass of this seasonal favorite. This wine flight proves that rosé may be the most versatile wine in the world. Each region uses local grapes and varying levels of residual sugar to create a unique regional experience. Yes way, Rosé!


Ted’s Montana Grill’s Jalapeno Huckleberry Margarita

Equal parts sweet, refreshing and spicy with the perfect balance of jalapeno-infused tequila, fresh squeezed sour mix and flavors of Montana huckleberries.


Whether you’re just stopping in to refresh or spend the day enjoying the scenery, Larimer Square has everything you need. Come down and chill out with a frosty glass. The people watching’s free, but that second round is not.

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