Cowboy Couture: How to Look Your Best at the National Western Stock Show

  • December 19, 2018
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Once again, Denver will celebrate its ranching heritage as the National Western Stock Show rides into town January 8 – 27, 2019. Join the lasso-touting cowboys and cowgirls and plan your cowboy couture outfit with the latest looks for this year’s show. Larimer Square is home to numerous fashion boutiques that can help you find your perfect western style.

Roxanne Thurman, owner of Cry Baby Ranch, a boutique offering Western-themed clothing, boots, belts, hats and more for men, women and children, says to buy items you’ll wear after the show leaves town. “Do not go to the show in costume,” she says.

Roxanne Thurman of Cry Baby Ranch

Thurman advises wearing a white shirt with jeans or a skirt, accented with Native American jewelry to be on trend. Other favorite accessories available at Cry Baby Ranch, include:

  • Decorative scarves. “Add a western themed scarf to change your look. It makes it more sophisticated and chic,” Thurman says.
  • Boots are a good investment to make a standard look transition to Western-inspired. Cry Baby Ranch has hundreds of styles and colors to choose from.
  • Hats are personal and are generally worn in all seasons. The vintage hat trend is particularly hot and the hats are smaller so they’re easier to wear to events like the Stock Show.
  • Kids wear often includes hats and boots which really complete the look. But the easiest alternative is to add an inexpensive bandana to a little one’s outfit – kids love them!
A wide range of boot styles and jeans at Stetson

Other options on Larimer Square include clothing, hats and accessories at Stetson, Scarpaletto, and Pendleton. All three offer a wide variety of western wear.

At Stetson, you’ll find denim shirts with vintage embroidery evoking the cowboy styles of the Old West as well as classic and modern plaids, a variety of velvet options, snap-front shirts, and blouses with different sleeves — from off the shoulder and ruffles to bell, and many more. “Pairing classic soft leather boots with suede in warm tones is a timeless look that evokes a vintage 70’s vibe,” Stetson’s Carrie Moldenhauer says.

At Scarpaletto, Western accessory selections range from Old Gringo to Frye boots to a glam, Mitchies hombre rabbit vest. “A stylish Lamarque nappa leather moto jacket paired with a silk cashmere scarf is a statement outfit to wear at the stock show,” says Scarpaletto owner Phil Vivinetto.

Western-inspired offerings at Pendleton

Pendleton’s selection of fashionable outerwear and accessories provides opportunities to mix patterns. Plaid is a popular choice among patrons and pairs easily with jeans. Pendleton’s Menswear and Accessory Merchandiser, Katie Fletcher, says. “Embrace your individual style and wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable,” she says. “And when you invest in new designs, don’t just buy for the Stock Show. Invest in timeless pieces you’ll want to incorporate into different looks throughout seasons and years.”


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