5 Must-Try Drinks From Corridor 44’s New Cocktail Menu

  • August 16, 2017
  • Dining

Corridor 44 is Denver’s only champagne bar. Located on Larimer Square, the prestigious hot-spot exudes a French-coast-meets-Morocco cache while offering creative specialty drinks as well as an innovative and tasteful selection of champagne-inspired plates.

Corridor 44 Bar manager, Jeff Davis
Corridor 44’s Manager, Jeff Davis in front of his bar.


Corridor 44 manager, Jeff Davis has been hard at work concocting and perfecting the new cocktail menu. And now, its 5 signature drinks are ready to be enjoyed. We sat down with Davis in the white leather booths of Corridor 44 to taste these bold and flavorful libations. Here’s our take on the top 5 cocktails to try next time you visit Corridor 44.

Black Manhattan

A Corridor 44 Black Manhattan cocktail

What’s in it: Lot 40 Rye, Angostura Amaro, Luxardo maraschino liqueur, Angostura bitters, orange bitters, cherry

What it tastes like: This is by far the heaviest cocktail of the five. It’s very spirit forward and has a strong dark flavor. It’s got a strong aftertaste, but the cherry flavor comes through giving it the perfect amount of sweetness.

What makes it special: This drink is special because of how heavy it is. While the cherry at the end adds some sweetness, your night will be off to a great start if you begin with the Black Manhattan.


A Corridor 44 CorriFloradora cocktail

What’s in it: Bunner & Lazerus Gin, Chambord, lime juice, ginger ale, float of bubbles

What it tastes like: This zesty, fresh tasting cocktail is considered the perfect summer afternoon porch pounder. The lemon zest at the end makes this drink even more refreshing.

What makes it special: The name came to Jeff while he was walking his dog around the park one night. He knew he wanted to do something with a Floradora cocktail but didn’t know how to incorporate Corridor 44 into it. Then it hit him, Corridor + Floradora = CorriFloradora, the perfect summer drink.

Lufbery 75

A Corridor 44 Lufbery 75 cocktail

What’s in it: Cognac, lemon juice, sugar, bubbles

What it tastes like: This drink has a citrus tartness to it but is complimented by the full flavor of Cognac, which perfectly rounds out the cocktail. While Lufbery 75 does have a bit of an edge to it, the sugar-coated rim with the lemon zest on top makes this a delicious drink that practically tastes like candy.

What makes it special: This is a spin off from the original French 75 cocktail made with gin and champagne. This variation was created by Raoul Lufbery, who was a World War 1 fighter pilot and of French and American descent. For French pilots, champagne was the drink of choice but since Lufbery was also American he didn’t think that was sufficient enough. His solution was to spike his champagne with Cognac, which he said made him feel like he was being hit by a French 75mm cannon. Switching out the gin for Cognac adds a very unique and special twist to an old drink.

Brazillian Wax

A Corridor 44 Brazillian Wax cocktail

What’s in it: Organic Cachaça, Açai liqueur, fresh lime juice, sugar, champagne.

What it tastes like: The Brazillian Wax is a very unique cocktail. This drink has a very bright, fresh flavor. The açai berry liquor turns the cocktail purple. To top it off, a sugar cube placed in the glass adds some sweetness and pizzazz.

What makes it special: Fun fact: this Champagne Cocktail has actually been on the menu for quite some time. Most people don’t understand just how unique the Brazillian Wax is. Jeff considers it to be “easily the best drink on the champagne cocktail menu,” so that’s reason enough to try it. He knows his stuff.

Espresso Martini

A Corridor 44 Espresso Martini cocktail

What’s in it: Marble Distilling Vodka, Marble Moonlight Espresso Liqueur, splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream

What it tastes like: Last, but not least, is the Espresso Martini—the perfect after dinner drink. In place of a shot of espresso, this sweet cocktail has the perfect mix of all three ingredients making it a sweet way to end your night.

What makes it special: This is a special drink because Corridor 44 utilizes local vodkas from Marble Distilling Co. in Carbondale, CO.

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