Celebrate Halloween & Dia de Los Muertos with Festive Makeup from L Style Bar

  • September 26, 2018
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With Halloween and Day of the Dead right around the corner, Larimer Square’s L Style Bar has you covered for any and all of your festive celebrations. From Halloween makeup to elaborate Dia de Los Muertos sugar skull designs, book an appointment anytime between Friday, October 26th and Thursday, November 1st and get preferred holiday makeup rates: $80 for adults and just $40 for all kids 12 and younger.

“This is our favorite time of year,” says Liz Gonzalez, owner of L Style Bar. “Our Halloween clients want us to express ourselves as artists while bringing to life their inner desires to be someone else for a day. Everyone has a great time!”


The Hottest Trends of the Season

Gonzalez says stylists always get a range of makeup requests, but four trends are most likely to top this year’s list:

  • Circus Clowns. “Between The Greatest Showman and our fascination with Stephen King’s gruesome, child-eating clown Pennywise from It, we’re expecting to create a lot of pretty and scary clowns this year.”
  • Drag Queens. “RuPaul’s Drag Race is quickly becoming one of the biggest shows on TV and its drag queen stars are the perfect celebrities to recreate this Halloween.”
  • Wonder Woman. “Gal Gadot’s portrayal of the Amazon princess thrilled audiences, and the look is classic while also being sexy and flattering.”
  • Unicorns. “Wigs and glitter are always a staple of festival fashion. A good unicorn costume shines with color, fun, and sparkle … we’ll definitely see them this year.”

Of course, the fun isn’t over when the Trick-or-Treating and late night parties end on Halloween night. Two more “days of the dead” fill the calendar immediately afterward, offering still more opportunities for unique makeup styling. Book an appointment at L Style Bar for beautiful sugar skull makeup or try it yourself at home.

Here are L Style’s do’s and don’ts for doing your own “Dia de Los Muertos” sugar skull makeup designs:

DO … avoid greasepaint and instead choose water-based theatrical makeup. Your flowery skull design will show easier and you’ll avoid the gooey mess greasepaint leaves. Even better, says Gonzalez, “do half of your face with festival makeup and the other half with a gorgeous beauty look.”

DO … apply a primer to protect your skin and create a barrier against potentially irritating ingredients. “Drugstore bought Halloween makeup can leave your face looking scarier than your costume,” says Gonzalez.

DON’T … go to bed with your makeup on! You’ll clog your pores and leave a mess on your pillows. “All it takes is five minutes to wash your face thoroughly.”

L Style Bar is located at 1423 on Denver’s historic Larimer Square in the Walkway. Call (720) 398-9349 now to make your appointment for Halloween and Day of Dead makeup styling.

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