5 Back To School Beauty Products We Love From Aillea

  • September 1, 2017
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Are you heading back to school? Are you worried about keeping your summer glow around or that your makeup routine takes too long in the morning? Aillea has five great back to school products that are perfect for any 20-something! Check out this list below for their recommendations on how to stay fabulous during the year without cutting into your study time or nights out!

1. Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation SPF 15

This buildable foundation is simple to use and a foolproof product for anyone whose prone to acne. Since it’s a powder, it’s smooth, silky and gives you a flawless complexion. If you’re interested in a liquid foundation, it can easily be mixed with a balm!

Lily Lolo back to school product at Aillea

Price: $22

Why it’s perfect for back to school: Not only is this mineral foundation super affordable, but it also lasts all day. If you’ve been busy running from class to class, this product will stay with you. What’s better, is that if you accidently fall asleep with it on after a long day of studying, it won’t make you break out. The mineral foundation is very breathable and it even has built in sunscreen for those 300 days of Colorado sun!


2. Ilia Vivid Foundation

This liquid foundation gives excellent coverage while letting your natural skin shine through. The product is very sheer so you won’t feel like it’s caked on your face. It’s also super easy to mix with sunscreen if you want a tinted moisturizer. This versatile foundation is also acne prone and keeps your face feeling fresh and makeup free.

Ilia back to school product at Aillea

Price: $44

Why it’s perfect for back to school: This foundation is great for anyone trying to go from a day to night look. It’s also great if you’ve got an early morning and you’re rushing to class. This product is ideal for you because it’s so simple to apply. Also, there are additional skin care ingredients that help keep your skin healthy while making it look beautiful.


3. RMS Un Cover-Up

If Allure Magazine named this cover-up “Best of Beauty” then you know it must be good. This concealer is magic. Whether you need it for a touch-up or simply because you’ve got a big zit you want covered up, this concealer can do it all. Made from natural ingredients like Cocoa Seed Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil and Castor Seed Oil, this product is very nourishing for your skin and keeps you looking fresh.

RMS back to school product at Aillea

Price: $36

Why it’s perfect for back to school: This cover-up is a must-have for anyone and everyone. Not only is it small and easy to bring anywhere but it’s also a fantastic first intro product for non-makeup users. It’s creamy, which makes it the best for the dry Colorado weather. It’s also perfect for covering up late night eye circles that everyone gets during midterms.


4. Vapour Organic Beauty Artist Multi-Use Palette

This multi-use palette kills three birds with one stone. Whether you need blush, lipstick or gloss, this palette has you covered. It’s easy to throw into your purse and it’s very versatile. If you want you can use the blush on your lips or the lipstick on your cheeks as a nice rouge. A little goes a long way.

Vapour Back to school product at Aillea

Price: $46

Why it’s perfect for back to school: This palette is nice for in-between class touch-ups or after school interviews. It’s got all the things you would need in one spot, which makes it very convenient. Also, it’s great for those day to night looks and keeping that summer glow going into the fall. It’s also very affordable considering all three items sold separately equate to $85. If you’re on a college budget this is a no-brainer.


5. Moon Juice Brain Dust

Brain Dust is an adaptogenic blend of super-herbs that help combat your body’s stress or anxiety. This potion of goodness helps with mental clarity and focus. There are 14 servings per jar and can be mixed with coffee, tea, milk, water or even smoothies. If you’re really into it you can even put it in your cereal or almond butter.

Brain Dust back to school product at Aillea

Price: $38

Why it’s perfect for back to school: Brain Dust helps enhance focus, mental clarity and concentration. It’s perfect for anyone who gets easily distracted during class. Most importantly it helps you alleviate stress or tension, which is something that all college students have at one time or another. For those who are against taking anxiety medication or have a challenging time paying attention, Brain Dust is a healthy alternative. They also offer other supplements like Beauty Dust, Power Dust and Sex Dust. Basically, this super-herb creation can help solve all your problems.

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