A Complete Guide to Larimer Square’s New Pop-Up Shop: Qinti

  • November 20, 2017
  • Lifestyle

Larimer Square has always taken pride in their authentic and independently owned and operated boutiques. Each store on the block offers shoppers something unique and special. Larimer Square’s latest pop-up shop, Qinti is no exception.

About Qinti

Qinti began in Blue Ridge, Georgia as a clothing boutique and a passion project for the store’s founder, Claudia Muller. Looking for a new adventure, Muller decided on Larimer Square to host the second Qinti location. Muller notes that this colorful store offers shoppers a special shopping experience that can’t be found elsewhere. As shoppers walk into the eclectic store, they are instantly drawn to the sustainable fashion pieces with eco-friendly textiles, artisanal craft and fair-trade products. All of Qinti’s accent pieces elevate any outfit. A few of the luxurious materials that the store offers are Baby Alpaca, Pima cotton, Sterling silver and natural stones. Muller explains that Qinti strives to offer the highest quality for her shoppers. “In Qinti we seek to honor and promote the extraordinary quality of traditional Peruvian craftsmanship, incorporating contemporary designs and the use of the finest materials.”

Store model
This Camel Cape is among one of the many finds offered at Qinti.

Rare Finds at Qinti

In discussing the various materials that are used in Qinti’s many pieces, she notes that Baby Alpaca fiber is considered a luxury that is rarer than cashmere. Muller remarked, “The fiber is light, very fine, but more resistant and much warmer than wool”.  Qinti also offers a variety of beautiful sweaters and accessories in Baby Alpaca in a multitude of colors and designs. Some of the products are finely knit, whereas others are hand-woven on a wooden loom.

Store model
There are many luxurious materials used in Qinti’s products.

Another popular material that Qinti offers is Sterling silver. Qinti mainly uses 950 silver, which dramatically increases brightness and detail sharpness in her various items. The sterling silver jewelry and frames allow for the store to have a combination of “colonial and contemporary elements.” Additionally, Qinti has exquisitely crafted handbags in Pima cotton, leather and cowhide. All of which are a fashion statement in design.

Larimer Square and Qinti

When asked about what drew Muller to Larimer Square, she mentioned the beautiful setting in historic downtown. Larimer Square offers “Great wining and dining and an amazing assortment of unique boutiques.” Muller felt that Qinti would be the perfect fit for the block.

Store model
Sterling silver and natural stones are also popular at the Peruvian boutique.

Muller also noted that people can expect a great deal from their new pop-up location. In addition to Qinti’s goal of providing shoppers with rare items using the finest materials, Muller hopes visitors to the store see the diverse nature of her products. “Throughout our shop you will find a synthesis of European and indigenous influences with a wonderful and distinct Latin American flavor.” It’s a special blend that Muller looks forward to bringing to Larimer Square.

Qinti is aiming for a soft open on November 20th, right before Thanksgiving. For more information on Qinti and the various high-quality products that are offered, visit their website.

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