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    • 1401 Larimer Street, Miller Building

      Was once the home of Gahan’s Saloon—a legendary watering hole for politicians, policeman and reporters. Now home to Ted’s Montana Grill.

      1415 Larimer Street, Lincoln Hall

      Built in the 1880’s, the entire second floor of this building, once a dance hall, was originally suspended on springs. Now home to The Bent Lens, Eve and Victoriana.

      1425 Larimer Street, Congdon Building

      Apollo Hall on this site served as Denver’s first theatre and Denver’s City Hall. Now home to Al’s Barber Shop, Cry Baby Ranch, Studio West and VIE.

      1433 Larimer Street, Frontenac Building

      Once home to a lively watering hole in the 1860s, a machine shop during World War II, a bicycle shop, the first barber shop and a speakeasy during Prohibition with the Frontenac Hotel upstairs. Now home to Corridor 44.

      1439 Larimer St., The Crawford Building

      Named after developer Dana Crawford, this Second Empire Style gem was her favorite building on the block. Now home to John Fluevog Shoes.

      1441 Larimer Street, Joe Replin Building

      Originally home to the Metropolitan Billiard Saloon, a magnet for drunken commotion and occasional gunplay. Now home to TAG.

      1317 14th Street, Graham Building

      Originally built in 1864 for Graham’s Pioneer Pharmacy and A.E. Pierce’s lending library and had to be torn down and replaced. Denver’s first photographer had a studio here and carefully photographed the building. The new building is now very similar to the original because of the photographer’s diligent work. Now home to Ocean Prime.

      Euclid Hall can be found around the corner from the Miller Building

      1411 Larimer
      McKibben Building

      Timbuk2, Blush

      Just steps below the Congdon Building is The Walkway, connecting the Larimer parking garage to the main street and is home to bubu, Lash, Wax, Whatever Pops Up, Larimer Square Dry Cleaners, Sally Centigrade Art Gallery and Hailee Grace.

      1431 Larimer
      Looms Building


      1445 Larimer
      Gallup-Stanbury Building

      The Market, Osteria Marco

      1459 Larimer
      Graham Building

      Moda Man

    • 1460 Larimer Street, Granite Building

      On this corner site, General William H. Larimer built one of the very first log cabins in Denver. Now home to Tom’s Urban and Comedy Works.

      1450 Larimer Street, Noel Building

      During construction, crews were forced to dig a sound structure 20 feet deep that required surrounding buildings to be reinforced so that they would not fall over. Now home to The Capital Grille.

      1442 Larimer Street, Champion Building

      Built to house Champion Brewing Company, a brew pub coinciding with the birth of the Colorado Rockies. A large-scale mural of baseball fans can still be seen on its walls today. Now home to Cru.

      1430 Larimer Street, Sussex Building

      Once home to La Mancha Restaurant where in the basement it was reported that spirits would frequently bang on the walls and rattle the pipes. Now home to Blue Ruby and ELEMENT.

      1428 Larimer Street, Kettle Building

      George Kettle, a butcher, built this stone structure. Earlier the site housed John J. Walley, a cabinetmaker drafted to make Denver’s first coffins. Now an open archway leads to The Kettle Arcade.

      1412 Larimer Street, Wooten Building

      Site of the first Post Office in Denver. Now home to Equipement de Vin and Goorin Bros.

      1402 Larimer Street, The Hope Building

      Once home to the City Hall Pharmacy and Hope Hotel. Now home to Dog Savvy.

      1440 Larimer
      Buerger Building

      John Atencio, Scarpaletto

      Pass through the Kettle Arcade and you will enter a courtyard that is now home to Green Russell, Russell’s Smokehouse, Wednesday’s Pie, Bistro Vendome, and Milk & Honey.

      1408 Larimer
      Barnum Building

      AILLEA, FRINJE, Gusterman Silversmiths

      1406 Larimer
      The Neverland Building


      1400 Larimer
      The Hope Building


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